About Us

Rihlazana Auctions

Rihlazana Auctions was established in September 2010 by Teleni Shabangu. 

It is one of a few female black owned auctioneering houses, committed to strongly support BBBEE.

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Rihlazana Valuers

Rihlazana Valuers was established in 2010 as a result of a merger between Teleni Shabangu and Hendrink Kamffer of Kamffer Property Valuers. Kamffer Property Valuers has been in existence for fourteen years. Teleni comes with her experience as Estate Agent, Auctioneer, Sales and Marketing.

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Rihlazana Academy

Since the Inception of Rihlazana Academy, we have been driven by a passion of making a difference in training and development. From our humble beginning in 2010, we have grown from offering only Auctioneering services to now offering large variety of skills programmes and full qualifications and valuations.

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